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As we plunge deeper into the competitive spirit of League of Legends S12 championship, a topic that's gaining traction is the DRX champion skin selection. So what's in the cart for the players this time? How far have they come from their humble beginnings to being crowned champions and being granted the opportunity to select their skins?

1. What is DRX champion skin selection?

DRX champion skin selection refers to the time when the winners of a League of Legends World Championship Crown are given a lifetime opportunity to design their own custom skin based on the champion of their choice. It is a fan-favorite event because it allows players to get creative and showcase their talents as both gamers and designers simultaneously. Additionally, the custom skins are available for purchase by others, which increases their popularity ratings.

2. Champion selection and ideas

When it comes to champion selection and ideas, there's no limit to what can be done. At the moment, no one knows which champions the DRX team will choose, but there are speculations, leaks, and rumors to feed our curiosities.

3. Possibility list of skins

While there's no official publication of the DRX skins for the S12 championships yet, here's a list of possible selections:

  • Jhin - As the 'virtuoso' title states, this player is known for his charismatic plays and could, therefore, be among the top picks for DRX custom skins.
  • Lillia - With Lillia having debuted recently, it's natural that she'll feature in the designs the players come up with.
  • Kaisa - This player has made numerous appearances in the Worlds Championship, making Kai'sa a prime choice for a custom skin.
  • Akali - This player's flashy moves and spectacular bursts of damage make her an excellent candidate for custom skins.

4. What happens after champion selection?

The championship team is then introduced to the design team, and the process begins. Together, they brainstorm ideas and designs. After settling on a design that everyone agrees with, the design team gets to work using the specifications provided. The design process can take several weeks to months depending on its complexity, and the result is an awe-inspiring custom skin that celebrates the team's victory in the league.

5. Conclusion

The DRX championship Skin Selection event is an exciting aspect of the League of Legends world championship. It allows players to showcase different creative talents at once and grant them worldwide recognition for their accomplishments. It also provides fans with opportunities to celebrate these victories with commemorative items such as skins. So, let's wait for the official release of the S12 championship skins and see how creatively the designers get to express themselves. Being highly artistic and imaginative might come in handy when designing iconic skins.

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